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Hi! Welcome to the Ceramic Pig blog! Let us introduce ourselves! My name is Alicia White, founder and CEO of the Ceramic Pig, a home, gift, and lifestyle e-commerce marketplace. I live in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, (a city right outside of Nashville) with my firefighter husband and sweet baby boy. I have a passion for cooking, home decor, gardening, and anything to do with margaritas! This blog will be a combination of what I enjoy in my life! You will see everything from recipes, home styling guides, beauty, entertaining tips, reviews on TV shows, and how I grow (or kill) my garden. I will also share about my journey as a business owner! As I write this first blog post, I am in the midst of building my e-commerce store, the Ceramic Pig. Later on, I will share with you the story behind Ceramic Pig… but for now know it has been a dream many years in the making. Just a few more details I want to share about this blog and myself. Please know I am no expert on any topic! I am self taught and live by the motto, practice makes perfect. I try things over and over and over and over, and when I think it is perfect, I try it over again! Also know that I am the worlds worst speller/gramerist (is that even a word?!?). Ask anyone that knows me and they will tell you I use the wrong words in many instances and should have been introduced to hooked on phonics. I have never been a great writer, heck even a mediocre writer, so this blog is a new and exciting challenge for me! So if you see a spelling mistake or a comma in a wrong place, or any other grammatical error, please give me your grace and know that I am only human. I look forward to connecting with you during this journey and hopefully providing you with something useful, whether it be how to style your coffee table, tips and tricks for hosting, ways to keep indoor plants thriving, or your new favorite margarita recipe!



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