Easy Updates to Refresh Your Home

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8 easy home updates

Hi again!

Today’s topic is something I do quite often.. quick room updates!! I love changing things around in my home because it makes the room feel brand new without spending a ton of money or time (which let’s be real, no one has a lot of time these days)! We all need a refresh sometimes, and these tips are the perfect way bring a new feel to a space. I’ve compiled my top 8 quick room updates below along with suggestions for each.

1.Change out your pillows! This is a great way to bring in new color, texture, and pattern without breaking the bank. Choose a specific color scheme or texture you want to focus on. For an even more budget friendly idea, purchase fabric and make your own pillow cases! Click HERE for some of my favorite pillows!

2. Paint or stain a piece of furniture. This takes a few days to complete but is great for a weekend project. Painting or staining a piece of furniture gives it new life and will change the feel of the room. Go darker with a walnut stain or paint your entry table a fun color.

3. Move your decorative pieces to another room or in a new place! Moving items from a coffee table to a bookshelf will help create new vignettes. This way you have an entirely new look without spending a dime. 

4. Change out blankets on beds. This can be a seasonal change, moving blankets around, or purchasing new ones. To save a few bucks, purchase a twin or full size blanket instead of one that is the same size as your bed (queen or king). It will still drape over the end of your bed and be a perfect size for covering up but will be wayyy cheaper. Click HERE for a personal fave blanket of mine.

5. Change out pictures or artwork. Keep the frame but interchange with new family photos or prints from the internet (photos can be printed for 15 cents each and designed prints online are extremely affordable). You can also frame wrapping paper, fabric, or a poster for a new look.

6. Buy inexpensive frames from Goodwill or consignment stores. Paint or stain them to revitalize them. For a polished look, take your frame and art to be professionally framed (this is not as expensive as you might think!).

7. Paint a room! This might seem expensive, but it isn't! A can of paint can cost around $30 and paintbrushes are reusable. A fresh cost of paint will transform the entire look of the room. Go colorful or neutral, whatever you want the room to feel like. Some of our go to paint colors are SW Snowbound, SW Alpaca, SW Accessible Beige, and SW Oyster Bay.

8. Add some green! A live plant or faux stems will instantly add life to your room! For live plants, make sure you consider the light a room receives. For faux, choose something that can be out year round (magnolia, willow, eucalyptus, fern, etc). HERE are great faux plant options. 

So instead of watching another episode of whatever show you are bing watching, use that time to switch things up a bit! You will be surprised how new a room feels with just a few tweaks. If you have any other quick tricks and tips, we want to know! Leave them in the comments so others can utilize them.

Happy new year and enjoy your refreshed home!


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