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With the new year comes a fantastic opportunity to tackle your homes organization. My closet looks like someone who has tried on all their clothes in an effort to find something that looks halfway decent (because that is actually what has been happening during the holiday season). But it’s now time to purge and get everything in an orderly fashion. From closets, kitchens, and garages, I am going to share my fave organization tips and must haves.


First thing is first. Get rid of stuff. It’s that simple. Set aside a time where you can devote to going through your clothes and shoes free from distractions. I like to do this when my son is asleep and my husband has something he wants to do (a.k.a. watch a TV show that I am not interested in). My rule of thumb is if you haven’t worn it in two years (I know, traditional rules say a year but sometimes there are pieces of clothing that you might need for a special event) toss it. If you haven’t worn the garment in 730 days then it needs to go. Also get rid of items that are overly worn or simply ugly (we all have a blouse sitting in our closet that we think “what in the heck were we thinking?!?”). I go through my hanging clothes first, then drawers, then shoes. Once you get started it usually is easy to get rid of stuff. If there is something you just can’t part with that’s totally ok! I have a small section in my closet of items I do not wear but can’t let go of. They are at the back of my closet and do not take up much space. Just remember, not everything can fall in this category.

A space saver tip: I used to hang my sweaters but now I fold them Marie Kondo style and have them in a drawer. A couple reasons why I do this:

  1. Hanging them takes up a lot of space. I wear sweaters 3-4 months out of the year. That isn’t a lot of time so I would rather have them stashed away than taking up so much hanging space.
  2. It is actually better for the garment to be folded than hung. 
  3. It is easier to see and find them when they are folded than if they were hanging.


If you were to walk in my home right now, every room would look tidy except my bathroom. It is the one area in my home I simply do not care about being clean. I am unsure why that is but it is the way it is. Because of this our bathroom is always unorganized. Hair ties are scattered everywhere, facial products have no specific place on my counter, and I am just going to skip over what the shower looks like. But I do organize a few things at the beginning of each year.

-I go through all our medications and trash anything expired. Make sure to discard of your medication properly.

-I donate any extremely used towels to animal shelters. For some reason each year we have a few towels that look like old rags. I donate those and buy 2 new towels each year. This helps keep my towels in rotation and where I am not buying 10 new towels at once.

-I purge my hair products. I have very curly, thick hair and always end up acquiring hair products to tame my mane. But I use like none of them (I know, I have a problem, but all my curly haired folks out there know we will try anything to get our hair under control).


We all have that cabinet or drawer in our kitchen that is overflowing with crap. Manuals, random utensils, pens that have exploded, command hooks, the list could go on and on. For us it’s a drawer and a cabinet (whoops!). I usually leave these things alone because I don’t want to poke the beast but after my son learned how to crawl I had to tackle the drawer. Here is how I got our junk drawer under control:

-I emptied the entire drawer out on the floor. I threw away items that were clearly trash (used food wrappers, dead pens, random buttons, etc) and then grouped everything else into categories. My categories included batteries, home improvement (measuring tape, command hooks, etc), sewing/clothing repair, pens, manuals, take out menus, and a random pile. I bought 1 and 2 gallon ziplocks and labeled each one with the category name. Now each category is kept together, easy to find, and stays contained. It’s a simple and inexpensive way to keep your junk drawer orderly.


I hope my tips and tricks help you become a little more organized in this new year. I always feel better with a clean, clutter free home and I know you will too!

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