Halloween Candy S'mores Bar

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Halloween candy S'mores Bar

It’s the season when we buy A TON of tiny chocolate bars that are meant to be given out to trick-or-treaters. The problem in my house is that we end up eating all the candy before Halloween.. whoops! If you are one of those disciplined people who do not indulge in the candy before Halloween and have an assortment of tiny candy bars laying around or buy one too many bags of Halloween candy (I am guilty of that), then a Halloween candy S’mores bar is right up your alley! What is better than digging into a S’more with your favorite chocolate candy that is all melty and gooey!?!? For me, it doesn’t get more harvest season than that.

I invited a few of my girlfriends over for a night of catching up and indulging in these S’mores and a glass (or two or three) of our fave wine. The great thing about a S’mores bar is everyone gets what they want and it is soooooo easy. Grab a big tray, this one is my favorite, pile on your candy options, marshmallows, and grahams and get your fire going! I had all the classic candy bars from Reese’s cups (you can even use the pumpkin shaped ones) to Almond Joys. I also crushed up Oreo cookies and rolled some of the marshmallows in them to create spooky black marshmallows (the recipe is below), perfect for the haunting season. Everyone can create their own masterpiece piled high with candy bar goodness.

Halloween Marshmallows

A few tips for the S’mores bar:

  1. Place your candy bar on the graham cracker close to the fire so it can start to become soft and melty. If you skip this step, because the candy bars are thicker then a standard chocolate bar, the marshmallow simply will not melt the candy enough.
  2. For the thicker candy bars (think Snickers, Twix, etc) cut them in half, separating the top from the bottom. If not, your S’more might be too think. 

So with Halloween coming up, invite all your pals over and enjoy all that trick-or-treat candy in a new and magical way!


S'mores Bar



Graham Crackers

Large Marshmallows

6-8 Oreo cookies, filling removed

Dark chocolate melting chips

3 tablespoons milk (whatever type you like)

Candy bars



Reese’s Cups

3 Musketters


Almond Joys

How To:

For the Oreo marshmallows:

1. Crush up the Oreo cookies into fine crumbs

2. Dip your marshmallows into the milk

3. Roll the milk coated mallows into the Oreo cookie crumbs and set aside to dry

For the dark chocolate marshmallows:

1. Melt your dark chocolate coating melts per the package instructions

2. Dip the marshmallows into the melted chocolate and set aside to harden

*Assemble your S’mores tray with the candy bars, graham crackers, and marshmallows.

*Roast your mallows to your desired toastiness (mine is burnt to a crisp!) and assemble.

*Dig in to the gooey goodness!

Candy S'mores Bar

S'mores Bar



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